Children’s Portraits

Children's Portrait

Childhood Photos

Pam Danielle has a special talent for capturing those fleeting moments when your child’s personality really shines through.

Arrange a photo shoot with one child or a sibling group. Prices start at $350 per session. The basic package is for 1-2 children  with 2 changes of clothing. You’ll receive a photo album with 24 images.

Additional images may be purchased for $35 each.

See also information on family portraits. 

What To Expect For Your Child’s Portrait Photo Shoot

You and your child(ren) will have an opportunity to meet Pam Danielle during the pre-shoot interview. One purpose for this meeting is so Pam will not be a stranger on the day of the photo shoot.

You will have an opportunity to discuss wardrobe choices (bring them with you to the pre-shoot meeting) and Pam will have time to think about the lighting and background choices that will work best for the portrait you have in mind.


When scheduling your photo shoot you will need to plan for two dates, the pre-shoot interview and the shoot itself. These two events are often on consecutive dates but can be a week apart.

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Children's Portraits
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