A [photo] session with Pam is better than therapy! Pam Danielle is not only a fabulous photographer and makeup artist, she is also a wonderful person.  She puts one at ease in an instant.

After the death of my husband, I had lost such a huge part of myself. Pam helped me re-connect with who I am and with my own  beauty as a mature woman. Shooting with her and seeing the photographs she took of me helped me feel whole again. And, we also had a heck of a lot of FUN!

Susanne Severeid

Emmy award-winning TV presenter & author

Pam Danielle is a fantastic portrait photographer, and the best I’ve worked with.  Her understanding of the value of lighting and skills with make-up insures you will look your best.  Pam’s easy relaxed professional style brings her subjects personalities our into her photo portraits.  She has taken my business photos and our family photos for years.  You can trust Pam’s creative touch.  I would recommend Pam Danielle first to anyone who needs the finest in portrait photography.

Nancy L. Tait

Ashland, Oregon

My name is Gerald Hirschfeld and I’m a Director of Photography of about fifty feature films, including the popular “Young Frankenstein.” Each year I vote for the Academy Awards in Los Angeles, and I’m honored to give a special award for cinematography at each Ashland Independent Film Festival. I’ve known Pam Danielle for almost as long as I’ve lived in Ashland, about twenty years. From the first I’ve admired her photography and particularly her creative photo-portraits.

Pam is able to evoke a unique quality that makes her portraits special. Pam’s photographic work is so outstanding that recently when I turned ninety and my family traveled from the East Coast and from San Francisco to celebrate that special birthday, I asked Pam to honor me by taking a variety of group portraits for my sons and grand children and me, in remembrance of that event. Needless to say, she did her creative thing and presented me with a variety of photos that I’m proud to frame and hang in my home.

Thank you, Pam, for the wonderful keepsakes you made that I proudly sent to my family.

Gerald Hirschfeld

Award-winning Director of Photography in Film

Pam, thank you so much for an amazing photo shoot today, you hit it outta the ballpark again. I just love working with you 🙂 love you.

Tai Babilonia

I have been a big admirer of Pam Danielle and her photography for some time. I am a techie (as euphemisms go) and an amateur photographer myself but by profession I am a graphic designer specializing in book production and design. I have had the great pleasure of helping to design and produce several books on photography, which while may not make me a photography critic per se, it has certainly exposed me to looking in great detail to a large amount of work from some incredibly accomplished photographers.

Pam Danielle is in the same category as the best I have seen. What Pam seems to bring to the studio is an energy that makes people want to shine and look beyond the troubles of the everyday in order to capture in picture the beauty of their true inner self. I think above all, whether it is a self or family portrait, a wedding, or any other event involving people, Pam will deliver photographs that will remain keep sakes for all posterity. Pam consistently creates with people through her patience and skill not just a photograph but a loving experience that reflects who she is as a photographer. 

Jimmie Young

Toleman Creek Media, Ashland, Oregon

Pam Danielle is a superb photographer and a joy to work with.  She pays excellent attention to detail, keeps the photo session alive and energized, and managed to bring out the essential “me” during the photo session.  She has a real gift, and I encourage anyone who wants a truly great portrait of themselves or their family to work with her.  She is terrific!

With thanks and gratitude,

P.K. Hallinan

I can’t say enough great things about Pam Danielle!!  She has done individual photo shoots with all five of my children, and I always get raves from people who see the pictures.

Working with Pam is a delight from beginning to end. Pam is positive and organized in her approach, from selecting outfits and doing makeup to choosing backdrops and conducting the shoot.  Recently, Pam did a shoot with our entire family.  She managed to keep everyone smiling and happy through two outfit changes and three different locations.  The results were fabulous. We chose one of the photos to appear in our worldwide catalogue and the other is on our Christmas card.

I just placed an order to create an entire photo collage for our house. It brings me joy to see photos of my entire family, looking happy and gorgeous. I highly recommend Pam Danielle Photography!

Craig and Michelle Black

Blackstone Audio, Ashland, Oregon

On the technical side:  Pam’s web-site is easy to use.  State of the art studio and equipment.  Lighting and design concepts are highly professional.  Pam’s eye for hair and make-up is flattering to all.  Assistant is professional and brings film industry experience.

On the human side: Pam has an easy way with people, and a talent for bringing out the beauty in everyone she shoots.  She captures the essence of a person, and if you look at her portfolio, you will notice her subjects best shots, tend to be, action shots while looking directly into the camera. To my eye this is a  signature of Pam’s work.

Pam is a loving member of her community and reaches out to be of service with enthusiasm.  I highly recommend Pam Danielle, but then, her work recommends itself.

Leslie Kendall, Ashland Oregon

Pam, the photo session this afternoon was outstanding.  It was a wonderful experience from start to finish.  We’ve been on a total emotional high since it ended.  Your enthusiasm and spirit is infectious.  You make it so easy to take fabulous photos.  Your ideas and suggestions were spot on, the studio was clean and cozy, and your choice of shots was flawless – all of which made the final product absolutely perfect.  We could not have asked for better pictures.  We would recommend your services to our friends and family with resounding praise.

Warm Regards,

Mike & Kim Keyser, CEO Electric Co. Bellingham, Washington

Needing updated business photos as well as personal photos, I was looking for a photographer who moved easily in multiple genres. Visiting local websites, I was immediately drawn to Pam’s work.

On the ‘pre-shoot meeting’, Pam took me through all the processes from wardrobe to make-up and hair-do. This is when Pam gets a feel for her client and what that client is looking for regarding photo results. I am not a photogenic person and it takes a skilled photographer to understand the nuance of capturing a challenging face like mine making that face look natural as people see me in person. Then Pam adds something that is rare, she has the ability to capture your soul and that is a gift beyond compare.

Capping this extraordinary work, Pam is so easy going you don’t even realize she’s working you hard until your done. With her great sense of humor and warm heart, Pam Danielle makes the entire process an absolute joy! No words can express deeply enough my pleasure and thanks to Pam personally coupled with the results of her incredible photography – she is a true “Master.”

Auri Anna

Medford, Oregon